Cliff Holden


1958 An Artist as Teacher (BBC Broadcast)
1959 An Essay on Perspective
  Evert Lundquist
1963 The Marstrand Designers: A Profile (Swedish Magazine Article)
1994 Abstraction in Figuration
1999 Cliff's Book - 'WORK IN PROGRESS'...
     Chapter 1 - My Need to Paint
     Chapter 2 - The Borough Group
     Chapter 3 - The Stockholm Exhibition
     Chapter 4 - Marstrand Designers
     Chapter 5 - Design and Serigraphy
     Chapter 6 - Relating to Clients
     Chapter 7 - Cultural Exchange
     Chapter 8 - Bomberg's Legacy
     Chapter 9 - My Approach to Painting
     Chapter 10 - Teaching and Practice
     Joseph's Questions
  The Stockholm Exhibition
2004 The History of the Borough Group
  Bomberg's Teaching - Some Misconceptions
  Bomberg's Teaching - Some Misconceptions (as Word document, c84kb)
  Wish Lists
  Boundary Gallery Exhibition Catalogue Article
2005 Exhibition Lists
  Decorative Art in Halland, Sweden
  Curriculum Vitae
  Curriculum Vitae (as Word document, c60kb)
  Chapter from 'Face to Face...' (Cliff Holden)
  Chapter from 'Face to Face...' (Dorothy Mead)
2006 An Unpaid Cultural Ambassador Between England and Sweden
  London South Bank University Honorary Award Citation
2007 Birthdays
2008 Birthdays
2009 Birthdays
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