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A school of painting situated in an interesting, varied landscape of farmland, lakes and forests on the Swedish west coast, five miles from the sea. It was close to the small but interesting and charming towns of Varberg, Falkenberg and Halmstad and within easy reach of the bronze-age rock drawings at Tanum and the famous Bohuslän Archipelago with its unique fishing villages. Painting excursions and journeys to places of cultural interest could be arranged.


The course was run by, and under the guidance of, Cliff Holden, FCSD.

He tought his practice. His approach to painting and his unique teaching methods derived from the example and teachings of David Bomberg, with whom he worked from 1945 to 1951.


In addition to the basic course of drawing and painting, using the traditional mediums of oil, water-colour, acrylics, and charcoal, Holden - also a master-printer - was prepared to demonstrate techniques of screen printing which he had originated. This is a method of liberating the screens from their traditional, static, print-reproducing function.

The result was a mobile action printing which can combine with drawing and painting to revitalize not only graphics but also any designed or painted surface - wall papers, textiles, small decorative panels, or large scale murals. Consideration was given to design factors by which murals could virtually extend rather than just embellish architectural space. These methods were bound up with the disciplines of industrial and environmental design that were developed by him in the course of working with architects to produce murals etc. for public places.

The teaching was geared to the needs of beginners, dedicated amateurs, or to professionals desiring new stimuli. Tuition was in very small groups and individually orientated.

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