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Further Reading
Title: David Bomberg
Author: Richard Cork
Publisher: Yale University Press
Hardcover: 1987   ISBN 0-300-03827-5
Comments: Many references to the Borough Group and Cliff in chapters TEN and ELEVEN
Title: Twentieth Century Pattern Design
Author: Lesley Jackson
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Hardcover: 2002   ISBN 1-56898-333-6
Comments: Circa twenty references to Marstrand Designers
Title: Face to Face: British Self-Portraits in the Twentieth Century
Author: Philip Vann
Publisher: Sansom & Company
Hardcover: 2004   ISBN 1-904537-08-1
Paperback: 2004   ISBN 1-904537-11-1
Comments: Chapters about Cliff's and Dorothy's self-portraits

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