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The mental gymnastics and activities of the so-called intellectuals and dialecticians have caused chaos and confusion in the minds of man. Their self-indulgence in this sphere of the mind has led directly to the prostitution of words and the enslavement of man to the idea. Ideas have become supreme in juxtaposition with words which have no meaning except in relation to superficial abstractions. Man has been swept away in the word flood, ideas remaining the focal point in the turbulent expanse and like infertile windswept islands, they have no relation to man, they cannot provide body and soul with sustenance. With the steady advance of science the old Gods and the old moralities have been swept away. But now Gods in the form of the Hammer and Sickle and the Swastika up-thrust their ugly heads and the people bow their heads obediently. The age-old messianic idea; man needs a purpose in life. What better purpose than to copulate and create? But in this modern society few people create. So that with the ever growing sense of frustration and futility, as a drowning man will cling to a straw, the people cling in desperation to the various 'isms' which are an outstanding feature of society today; communism, socialism, pacificism, internationalism, anarchism, militarism, catholicism etc. Most are a contradiction in terms. The Atheists glibly tell us that they deny God. And yet by their very denial they admit the existence of God, for how can they deny something which doesn't exist? They argue that they deny the Christian concept of a personified God; but how can they deny something which exists in another man's mind? The Christians worship God in order to love mankind; the Communists worship the Hammer and the Sickle in order to liberate man. Why not just love man? Love is indefinable - an expression of relationship. Goodness is the thing and God merely a name for the thing surrounded by decoratively attractive myths; an artistic apology for our ignorance.

There are women who claim their emancipation once they are capable of economic independence of the male - mere words. They cease to be the prostitutes of one man and become the prostitutes of money and all men. There are people who proudly present themselves as internationalists - there will always be such people as long as nations exist. Communism, socialism, pacificism will exist as long as there is capitalism - all are manifestation of reaction to society and prevalent ideas. Similarly there will always be a theory of anarchism so long as there is bolshevism, fascism, injustice and slavery in the world. But this does not necessarily mean that man is essentially pacific or that he will eventually find salvation in anarchism. Ideas produce ideas, idea opposes idea, flights of fantasy in the mind while man continues to annihilate man and other men go hungry while there is plenty.

There are people who talk of freedom in the manner that women talk of emancipation. But as we have never known freedom we have no real conception of freedom; we can only conceive that which is comparable. Liberty is something concrete - freedom, a state of mind. In ourselves, to the limit of our conception, we can achieve freedom. A free man refuses to recognize all authority, legal, religious, moral; he has liberty, he is capable of decisions and responsibility. But you can only be free in this society today if you are prepared to pay the penalty - the penalty is death. That is why so few people wish to be free - they prefer to die slowly - walking corpses. Man refuses to recognize that there is a time to live and a time to die.

The scream of a bomb enables man to discover the sum total of his emotions and feelings - his soul. I wonder how many bombs will fall before man discards his ideas, his chrysalis of 'isms' and emerges to bask in the sun, to feel the pulse and rhythm of his manhood.

Copulate and create!

A free association of manly men and womanly women seeking truth and beauty - ANARCHY.

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