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One-Person Exhibitions (or with close associates)

1956 Lorensbergs Konstsalong, Gothenburg; Lilla Galleriet, Stockholm; Luleå Museum; Eskilstuna Museum; Halmstad Museum (with Dorothy Mead)
1959 Boras Museum (with Dorothy Mead); Varbergs Museum (with sculptor Palle Pernevi); Manchester Central Library
1960 Konsthallen, Gothenburg
1960-1983 Continuous studio exhibitions, Marstrand Designers, Marstrand, Sweden
1961 Cavaletten, Uppsala; Gummesons Konstgalleri, Stockholm
1962 Drian Gallery, London; Lorensbergs Galleri, Gothenburg
  3 från Marstrand” (Marstrand Designers – Holden, Grönwall, Nilsson), Rohsska Museum, Gothenburg
1963 frå ide till form” (as above), Lunds Konsthall, Sweden
1965 Marstrand Designers”, Varbergs Museum, Sweden
  Marstrand Designers exhibited during Swedish Week in Carlisle, England, which also featured the Cliff Holden lecture – “The Artist and Industry in Swedish Design”, accompanied by radio and television interviews.
1966-1985 Various exhibitions in Socitetshus and Gallery Oscar, Marstrand (with Lisa Grönwall, Thomas Holden, students, assistants and apprentices)
1969 Klippans Kulturreservat, Stockholm (with Lisa Grönwall)
1973 Goteborgs Konstforening (with Lisa Grönwall)
1975 “Manniskor” at Malargalleriet, Stockholm
  Utsmyckningar” at Malargalleriet, Stockholm (with Lisa Grönwall)
1977 Nyttokonst, Uddevalla (with Lisa Grönwall and Thomas Holden)
  Mobelcentrum, Stockholm
1978 Mobelcentrum, Stockholm; Bella Center, Copenhagen
1979 Marstrand Designers (including Thomas Holden), Marstrand
1995 Gothenburgs Konstforening
1999 The Tate Gallery, London - to celebrate Holden’s 80th Birthday, one painting from the collection is put on display for two weeks
2000 Kuben, Falkenberg town art gallery - 80th Birthday celebration

Borough Group Exhibitions

1947-1950 The Borough Group held more than seven exhibitions: Archer Gallery (1947 & 1948), Arcade Gallery (1949), Everyman Cinema, Hampstead (1949), Junior Common Room of Brasenose College, Oxford University (1949), and monthly exhibitions at the Book Worm Gallery (during 1949 and 1950)
1951 4 Contemporary Painters” (with Creffield, Mead, and Richmond), Parson’s Gallery, London
1952 Fyra Engelsmän” (with Creffield, Mead, and Richmond), Gummersons Konstgalleri, Stockholm

Later Exhibitions relating to the Borough Group

1986 Bomberg the Teacher” – an exhibition arranged by Richard Michelmore, Gallery of Contemporary Art, 15 Bury Walk, London
1989 Spirit in the Mass, With Bomberg 1946-1951”, Fine Art Associates, London
1991 David Bomberg – Some Students and Current Influences”, Towner Art Gallery and Museum, Eastbourne
1992 Bomberg and His Students”, South Bank University Centenary 1892-1992, London
2004 Bomberg and the Borough”, Tate Britain display curated by Chris Stephens.
  Bomberg and Pupils - The Borough Group 1946-1951, Boundary Gallery, London

Other Mixed Exhibitions

1947 Northern Artists”, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
1947 onwards London Group annual exhibitions
1948 Pictures for Schools”, Society for Education in Art exhibition, Tate Gallery, London
1955 Daily Express Young Artists”, New Burlington Galleries, London
  Artists with North Country Associations”, City of Manchester Art Gallery
1956 British Serigraphs”, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
1957 British Metavisual, Tachiste, Abstract”, Redfern Gallery, London
  Kaj Beckman, Per Beckman, Gosta Ehrenberg, Ebba Reutercrona, Evert Lundquist, Cliff Holden - Varmlands Museum, Sweden
  National Serigraph Society, New York, 3rd Honourable Mention
1958 National Serigraph Society, New York, 1st Honourable Mention
  Artists International Association, 25th Anniversary, London
  St. George’s Gallery, travelling graphics exhibition – Skandinavia, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, Dallas, Los Angeles
1959 British Aquarelles”, travelling exhibition in America
  The Graven Image”, Whitechapel Gallery, London
  Figure Variations”, Paris Gallery, London
  13 Brittiska Grafiker”, Gothenburg Museum
  The John Moores Exhibition, Liverpool (25th place)
1960 7 Figurative Painters: Dennis Creffield, Mario Dubsky, Andrew Forge, Michael Fussell, Cliff Holden, Dorothy Mead, Joe Tilson”, AIA, Lisle Street, London
  Lunds Konsthall; Varmlands Museum – Sweden
  British Drawings”, Norwich School of Art
1961 Spring Open, Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm
1962 Aspects of Figurative Painting in Sweden” (Staffan Hallstrom, Cliff Holden, Axel Kargel Evert Lundquist, Inge Schiöler, Gustav Sjöö), Crane Kalman Gallery, London
1963 Textiles”, Society of Industrial Artists (now Chartered Society of Designers), Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester
  Art since 1945 in Sweden”, Konstsalong, Gothenburg
1964 London Group Jubilee Exhibition 1914-1964”, Tate Gallery, London
1966 Survey 66: Figurative Painting”, Camden Arts Centre, London
1967 Mikro 2”, Klippans Kulturreservat, Gothenburg
1987 Jubilee Exhibition for Monarks Art Club, Rikssalen, Varbergs Museum, Sweden
1994 Back to the Wall”, wallpapers for architects 1952-1971, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester
1999 Tyringe Konstforening – drawings & prints
2001 Laholms Tecknings Museum - Drawings.
  Painting Matters” (with Miles Peter Richmond and others), St. Martins in the Fields Gallery, London
2002 Con Figura” (mixed invited artists figuratively orientated), Varbergs Konstforening Hamn magasinet
2004 Mixed Summer Exhibition, Wendy Levy Gallery, Didsbury, Manchester
  Mixed Exhibition, Modern British Artists, London
2005 Face to Face: British Self-Portraits in the Twentieth Century” - inaugural exhibition at the Northumbria University Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. To read about Cliff's self-portrait which is in the exhibition see Chapter from 'Face to Face...' (Cliff Holden).

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