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Cliff Holden

Gallery: Selected Paintings

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Cat.151 Cat.152 Cat.153
The Procession 1948 Entombment (detail) 1949-1950 Entombment 1949-1950
Cat.154 Cat.155 Cat.156
Crucifixion 1948 (circa) Crucifixion (work in progress) 1997-2002 Crucifixion (work in progress) 1997-2002
Cat.157 Cat.158 Cat.159
Embrace 1949 The Kiss 1945 The Kiss 1962 (circa)
Cat.160 Cat.161 Cat.162
Embrace 1970s Embrace 1970s Embrace 1960s
Cat.163 Cat.164 Cat.165
Sublime Moment 1970s Pieta 1990 Pieta (print) 1990
Cat.166 Cat.167 Cat.168
Pieta 1970s Mother and Daughter 1946 Two Seated Figures 1956
Cat.169 Cat.170 Cat.171
Two Seated Figures 1956 The Three Graces 1960s Two Seated Figures 1980s
Cat.172 Cat.173 Cat.174
Two Figures 1965 (circa) Orpheus and Euridice 1948 Man and Woman 1959 (circa)
Cat.175 Cat.176 Cat.177
Man and Woman 1960s Man and Woman 1960s Dancing Figures 2003
Cat.178 Cat.179 Cat.180
Two Figures 1998 Two Figures 2003 Two Figures 2003
Cat.181 Cat.182 Cat.183
Bathers 1960s Bathers 1960s Bathers 1979 (circa)
Cat.184 Cat.185 Cat.186
Bathers 1970s Bathers 1983 (circa) Bathers 1983 (circa)
Cat.187 Cat.188 Cat.189
Bathers 1965-1985 Bathers 1985 Bathers 2003
Cat.190 Cat.191 Cat.192
Voyeur 1990s Three Bathers 2000 Bathers 1990s
Cat.193 Cat.194 Cat.195
Bathers 2003 Women in a Sauna 1999-2003 Bathers 2002
Cat.196 Cat.197 Cat.198
Bathers 2003 Bathers 1995 (circa) Bathers 1999
Bathers 2004

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