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Westminster Abbey 1946 At the Borough 1948 Holden and Richmond with Bomberg 1949
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Crucifixion - RBA Galleries 1948 (circa) Borough Group (Third Annual Exhibition) 1949 4 Contemporary Painters 1951
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Dorothy Mead at the studio in St Marks Road, Ladbroke Grove Posters detail Dorothy Mead
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Arriving in Stockholm 1952 Entombment - Liljevalchs Konsthall 1959 (circa) Västergatan - Gothenburg 1957
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Marstrand Designers 1958 Marstrand Designers 1960 TV Demonstration 1960s
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TV Demonstration 1960s TV Demonstration 1960s Marstrand Designers 1960s
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Manchester Evening News 1960 Cliff Holden & Dorothy Mead 1960 Palle Pernevi & Cliff Holden 1962
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Aspects of Figurative Painting in Sweden 1963 Studio - 798 Fulham Road 1960s London Group Jury 1969 (circa)
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London Group - design by Mead & Holden 1968 London Group (Holden's wall) 1960s London Group - Tate Gallery 1964
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Andrew Forge 1964 Lisa & Cliff with Prince Harald (now King Harald V) of Norway, 1960s Olaf Palme - Swedish Prime Minister 1970s
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Swedish Embassy - Watergate 1970s Björn Hulten - interior architect 1970s Marstrand 1970s
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House and Studio - Marstrand 1960-1983 Residence - Marstrand 1960s Exhibition - Marstrand 1970s
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Model for Tor Britannia 1974 Studio 1974 Studio 1974
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Cliff with King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden, 1970s Kungälv Castle 1975 3 Från Marstrand 1977
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Studio 1970s Marstrand Designers 1985 Press photo - Hallands Nyheter 1987
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Catalogue - Abstraction in Figuration 1995 Hässlås Målarskola 1999 80th Birthday - Hallands Nyheter 1999
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Studio 2004 Studio 2004 Cliff Holden 2000, original photograph by Bryan Long

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