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Gallery: Design Prototypes & Murals (A)

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Cat.665 Cat.502 Cat.503
Trifoliate - Design of the Year Award 1962 Decorative Tray 1970s Decorative Trays 1970s
Cat.504 Cat.505 Cat.506
Screen for Swedish Embassy - Mexico City 1970s Swedish Embassy - Moscow 1970s Bird design - wallpaper 1960
Cat.507 Cat.508 Cat.509
Hotel Rubinen - Gothenburg (500 rooms) 1960s Partille Townhall (16 walls) 1960s Handicapped Children's Home - Gothenburg 1960s
Cat.510 Cat.511 Cat.512
Volvo Head Office - Gothenburg 1968 Broströms Shipping Office - Gothenburg 1960s Broströms Shipping Office - Gothenburg 1960s
Cat.513 Cat.514 Cat.515
Halmstad Hospital 1985 Halmstad Hospital (6 floors) 1985 Halmstad Hospital 1985
Cat.516 Cat.517 Cat.518
Curtains for Ship 1970s Curtains for Ship - luxury cabin 1980s Swedish Embassy 1970s
Cat.519 Cat.520 Cat.521
Swedish Embassy - Belgrade (mockup) 1970s Ferry - Stockholm to Helsinki 1980s Fish on a Ship 1980s
Cat.522 Cat.523 Cat.524
Ship's rigging (18m wall) 1970s Tor Britannina (35m wall) 1975 Swedish Embassy - Saudi Arabia 1970s
Cat.525 Cat.526 Cat.527
Prototype 1970s Private house - Marcus and Marcia Skogh 1980s Kungsholm - restaurant (16 panels) 1964
Cat.528 Cat.529 Cat.530
Private house outside Paris 1985 Trees 1980s Trees 1980s
Cat.531 Cat.532 Cat.533
Trees 1980s Trees 1980s Trees
Cat.534 Cat.535 Cat.536
Trees Trees 1980s Swedish Embassy - London 1970s
Cat.537 Cat.538 Cat.539
Trees 1980s Trees 1980s Trees 1980s
Cat.540 Cat.541 Cat.542
Trees (1st laminated prototype) 1964 Rocks 1980s Sun and Rocks 1980s
Cat.543 Cat.544 Cat.545
Volvo Head Office - Gothenburg 1968 Abrahamsson's house - Gothenburg 1960s Park Avenue Hotel - Gothenburg 1970s
Cat.546 Cat.547 Cat.548
Claes Feder's house - Portugal 1970s Restaurant - Tor Britannia 1975 Prototype for Kungsholm Restaurant 1964

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